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Spectathlete Apparel Orders

Due to some confusion with the order form we are suspending the ordering for now. I hope to have an updated order form available soon. Thanks. -Kevin 

We are beginning to take orders for our Spectathlete and Post Race Apparel selections.  Please see the attached Order Form.  Items that are available include: T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, visors, and Tech T-shirts.  All items are custom printed with the Buehler Ytri logo.

Some samples of styles will be available to view when you pick up your Sugoi racing apparel (see here).

Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

Pick up times for Ytri racing apparel

We received our order of Sugoi race apparel and it looks fantastic!  If you placed an order, please come to the YMCA tonight (Tuesday) or Thursday evening to pick up your order.  Our volunteers will be stationed across from the Family Adventure Center (FAC) just past the front check-in desk.  We will be there beginning around 6:45pm and stay until about 7:45pm.  Come on your way to PC tonight or Thursday!  Kevin will also bring the orders to swimming next Monday for distribution as well.

Tuesday April 22nd, 6:45-7:45pm  Across from the FAC in main lobby
Thursday April 24th, 6:45-7:45pm  Across from the FAC in main lobby
Monday April 28th, 7:00-9:00pm    On the pool deck 

If none of the above times work for you please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can work out other arrangements.

Upcoming Swimming Time Changes

Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts with the Blue Marlin swim team we must revise our swim training schedule.  We will still swim tonight at 8:15pm and Friday at 7:00pm.  Beginning next week we will have a different schedule.  We are still working with the YMCA to ensure minimal disruption to our training regimen.  As soon as we know the days and times we will comunicate that information to you.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please email Kevin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

NEW times for Group Swimming

Due to the growing needs of the YMCA youth swim team, their practice schedules have expanded this spring. There is only so much space in the pool so we had to get creative to make sure we can continue our workouts this spring. Beginning next Monday, April 14th, we will have new times for our Group Swimming opportunities. First of all, the Friday swim sessions are ending. This week is the last Friday practice. Unfortunately we could not find a time that would work for all on Friday evenings. We hope to resume Friday swimming in the Fall.

However, there will still be Ytri swimming on Mondays, but the times are changing. Things will be a little different going forward so please be patient as we transition to our new times. We will be sharing the pool with the swim team and we have to make sure there is a lane open for YMCA member drop-in swimmers. This may make for a crowded pool from time to time. To alleviate some crowding, Ytri will have two separate practice groups that will run consecutively. Starting at 7:00pm we will have our "Ytri 1" group practice and starting at 8:00pm the "Ytri 2" group will practice. The idea behind the different groups is to combine all the swimmers of similar abilities and paces so that we can fit into as few lanes as possible.  It is difficult when we have many swimmers of different speeds trying to share the same lane. The "Ytri 1" group is for those swimmers who completed our Crash Course and for those who typically do the "C" workouts at our practices. If your swim pace tends to be on the slower side this group is for you. The "Ytri 2" group is for the more intermediate/advanced swimmers.  If you regularly complete the "A" or "B" workout at practice then this group is for you. Please adhere to these groups to help things run as smoothly as possible. If you are unsure of which group to join, please ask Kevin or Marsha since we have a pretty good sense of who belongs where.

Monday Evenings - April 14th through June 9th
"Ytri 1" Group - 7:00pm
"Ytri 2" Group - 8:00pm 

Also, if you are not a YMCA member, please remember there is an additional fee to join us for swimming. Please pay the daily fee at the front desk each time you come to swim.

If you have any feedback (positive or negative), please share with coaches Kevin or Marsha. We know that change is never easy. Thank you in advance for your patience as we make this transition!

The Cycling Studio Has Moved!

In case you missed it... the cycling studio has moved! The studio is now located down the hall from it's original location, in a room on the right hand side of the hall before you reach the gymnastics gym. From here on, we will be meeting for Performance Cycling there!  A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • The transition to this new space can't happen over night. The Y is working very hard to be able to offer classes while this move is occurring so that cancellations don't have to occur.  Please bear with everyone as this all takes place.
  • The Y is working on improvements to the ventilation in that room.  Again, work is not complete yet and they are aware that changes need to be made.  Please understand that you will need to bring extra water/ drink/ electrolytes during this transition time AND will need to monitor your own workout intensity.  If you are feeling overheated because of the high temperatures in the room, PLEASE do not continue to exercise at the same intensity level.  Bring it down a notch!  Most of us love a great workout, and actually enjoy being "beaten up" a bit during PC, but a heat injury can be serious, and can ruin not only your workout, but possibly even your season.  Acclimatation training/ heat training is not recommended to be done at high-intensity, so please don't make the mistake of trying to get ready for our Chicago summers in one week! 
  • If you have any feedback (positive or negative), please feel free to let the instructor know, or you can contact Heidi Deininger or Tiffany Heal directly. We know that change is never easy, but please try to be patient as we work with the Y through it!


If you have any further questions for us here at Ytri, please contact Club President, Kristan Felix at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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